Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Good Night Messages For Girlfriend

At this time so many boy and girl can use the android mobile phone and every android mobile phone boy and girl can use thefacebook and whatshap. So at this time every boy and girl have boyfriend and girlfriend and night time we can use facebook and whatshap to send the good night messages.

Example For Good Night Messages For Girlfriend:


I am looking at the beautiful moon and thinking about that night when I gave you the first kiss, it was one of the best days of my life because it meant the start of our sweet love story, have a good night my girlfriend. “

Sometimes I want the night to be much longer to keep you longer in my dreams, sometimes I want the night to be short to wake up and go running to your side, that means I am really in love with you my princess. “ 
Do not count what u have lost. just see what u have now, because past never comes back but sometimes future can give u back ur lost things! ‘good night’ 

When I go to sleep hugging my pillow I imagine it is you. Someday I will have the privilege of sleeping next to you, for now I will settle for dreaming about you every night. I love you so much. 

Everyday I love you more than I did the day before. I can’t image how I could possibly love you more than I do but somehow everyday I manage it. I can’t wait for tomorrow to love you more again. 

I started counting one star in the sky for each reason I love you…Then I ran out of stars and I realized the reasons are infinite. 

Goodnight, my prince, my love, my everything. Sleep well and dream of your princess. 

good night sweet dreams

You mean the world to me, don’t forget that. Goodnight and sweet dreams. 

The thoughts of how much I love you are keeping me awake longer and longer each night 

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